Anna Pakula
Photography & Art of Wine
“At an early age, my mother and father instilled in my a gift to recognize and respect the simple beauty around me and to experience life to the fullest. Since then I have chronicled my life by extensive travels around the world, discovered various cultures, and learned about their people and their way of life.”

Anna Pakula has combined her deep passion and love of art and wine with her extraordinary talents and firsthand knowledge to become a remarkable figure in the international wine industry.

As an international wine consultant, wine photojournalist, educator and marketer for more than 15 years, Anna draws upon a unique ability to capture and communicate the heart and soul of wine in beautiful ways that pull together the culture, tradition, lifestyle and family relationships from the vine to the glass.

She has devoted much of her time to visiting vineyards, cellars and homes of some of the most highly respected wine producers and enologists, most notably in Argentina, Chile, France and Italy, to study every stage of the wine production. Such experiences have not only perfected her ability to understand and capture the essence of wine through visual imagery, but also allowed her to approach marketing of wine to an international community of wine lovers, collectors and the trade through an entirely different prospective.

“Learning from notable wine makers, winery owners, oenologists and viticulturists has been an amazing experience and given me an unparalleled understanding of what makes wine so special and stimulating. It has also prepared me to think more creatively in terms of marketing to their wide customer base” Anna explains.

Anna’s background cannot only be summed up by quoting names and experiences because she is driven by true passion, proven skills and professionalism as well as a total dedication to the world of wine. Art and passion are the main bearing points in all of her duties and assignments, reflecting her strong belief that the two are key to capturing the essence and the soul of great wines at both the local and international level.

Anna is able to produce inventive marketing presentations, which fuse the selectively chosen elite clientele with the specialized worldwide network she has established. Her multicultural background also enhances her comprehension and appreciation of the value of the relationships that she has formed during her many successful endeavors.

This is most evident in the comprehensive array of services she provides to the wine industry, which include effective marketing strategies, promotional and educational events, and providing creative high-quality visuals that illicit emotion. Her award-winning visual art has been celebrated and displayed at a host of exhibitions and seminars worldwide. To say that Anna’s wine photos are worth a thousand words would be an understatement.

A native of Poland, Anna has traveled extensively throughout the world for 25 years, learning the languages and ethos of the countries she’s been in. The first woman to bring emotional communication through visual art in the world of wine, she has worked her magic with many of the top wineries, champagne houses, importers and cultural wine organizations.

She also has served as an international wine judge, worked for London’s prestigious Decanter Magazine and is a member of the board of directors of the United States Sommelier Association in Miami.

Such an impressive background, however, hardly begins to describe Anna’s tremendous skill, passion and dedication to the wine world, focusing on her customer’s needs and constantly keeping art and passion in the foreground in her communication: a unique professional figure perfectly fit to capture the essence and the soul of wine and strikingly convey it to an international market.

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