John Bolger
Early Edition
Comedy Central
WGN Morning News
Bartender character in Cork &
Kerry commercials

Feature Films
Eden Court (2009) - Printers Row Pictures
Short Films- on YouTube & Funnyordie
Chick Pounder-Adult Film Star (2008)
Tipsy Trixie (2008)
Gloryhole (2007)
John Bolger’s Degrading Message to Dog (2007)
Jimmy’s Fish Tank (2004)
Distraction (2003)

Shared the stage with
Emo Philips
Jamie Kaler
Seth Meyers
Fred Willard
Ike Barinholtz
John Caponera
Doug Stanhope
to name a few…

Stuff other people said about him:
“pumped-up, savvy comedy…from a handsome rubber-faced fellow.” -Chicago Tribune

“boundlessly witty and irreverent…the amiable Bolger…makes edgy statements about the chronic little frustrations of life.”
-Chicago Sun-Times

He will be appearing in the upcoming feature film Eden Court, which stars Tom Lennon(Reno 911), Kimberly Williams(Father of the Bride), and Stephnie Weir(Mad-TV) released in 2009.

If you want to know anything else, just pull John aside after a show, buy him a Captain Morgan and coke in a pint glass and then you’ll wish you never pulled this monkeys string…

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